Health is the most important dimension of human life and a crucial parameter in the protection of human life. Within this context and aiming to upgrade the health services in the wider area, the General Hospital of Kilkis from the beginning of 2013 coordinates the project «Ipa Sield: Joint Actions for the protection and improvement of public health in the Cross-Border Area».

The specific project was planned and implemented within IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007 – 2013” from the General Hospital of Kilkis in cooperation with the General Hospital of Gevgelija. These hospitals are two of the most important health unitsof the cross-border area. The cross-border dimension of the project is enhanced even more by the fact that the Hospital of Gevgelija is just ten kilometers away from the health center of Polykastro which belongs to the Hospital of Kilkis. Moreover, both hospitals are able to manage emergency incidents from road accidents, as well as numerous diseases from the stage of diagnosis to the clinical treatment.

The project is co-funded for the Greek side at 25% by the European Union and 75% by National funds, while for the side of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia the funding is covered at 85% by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), 10% by National funds and 5% by private participation of the beneficiaries’ bodies.


The overall objective of the project is to develop joint actions in both sides of the borders, for the improvement of the quality of life in the cross-border area, through the protection of public health. In this way the project aims at strengthening in parallel the competiveness, the territorial cohesion and the sustainable development in the programme area.
More precisely, the project aims to:

sima_logo the upgrade of human life by improving health services.
sima_logo strengthening cooperation in health and social protection issues.
sima_logo the prevention, control and research infectious and epidemic diseases.
sima_logo the satisfactory management of all the accidents that occur in the cross-border area, through the upgrade of the emergency services, as well as the development of a series of joint procedures for their management.
sima_logo the creation of a strong cooperation channel between Greek and the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia health system aiming to its expansion to all cross border’s health units.
sima_logo the provision of new, improved health and medical services to citizens and tourists of the cross border area saving human lives.
sima_logo the maximization of the effectiveness of the health units in the cross-border area aiming to the provision of advanced services to citizens.

The project is expected to contribute significantly to the protection of life, ensuring cooperation and networking on health and social welfare issues.
More specifically, the most important outcomes are the following:
sima_logo Protection of human life.
sima_logo Improvement of life conditions through advanced health and medical services.
sima_logo Adoption new common methods for epidemiology treatments and protection in the CB area.
sima_logo Develop common protocols.
sima_logo Develop an innovative health fast track method, aiming to the best and the most beneficial treatment in case of an emergency.
sima_logo Upgrade of human capital (doctors, nurses, bearers) after training programs.
sima_logo Advanced health services both to the citizens and the tourists.
sima_logo Cohesion enhancement and exchange of know how.
sima_logo Minimization of medical transportation and creation of a new health pole.
sima_logo Environmental protection installing new environmentally friendly equipment.


WP1 Management & Coordination

1.1.Project Management
1.3.Financial Auditing

WP2 Information and Publicity

2.1. Trilingual Information Material
2.2. Website development
2.3. Mass media campaign
2.4. Conferences

WP3 Health Studies

3.1. Common health protocols
3.2. Epidemiology Crisis Management
3.3. Fast Health Track

WP4 Medical Equipment and infrastructure

4.1. Necessary equipment for the hospitals of Kilkis and Goumenissa and for Polikastro Health Center
4.2. Necessary equipment & infrastructure for Gevgelija hospital

WP5 Specialized Training

5.1. Training courses (4x25 persons) to the hospitals of Kilkis, Goumenissa and Polikastro
5.2. Training courses (2x25 persons) to Kilkis Gevgelija


Minutes of project meetings

Information material

Mass media campaign


Training courses

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